Austria Juice

Freshly harvested fruits are processed using cutting-edge technical processes as soon as they are delivered - this is a precondition for the production of outstanding quality fruit juice concentrates, aroma dried pomace and NFCs.
You can find in our product portfolio products which are processed using IP and BIO raw materials.

AGRANA-Juice-Magyarország Kft. processes fruits to high quality end products at 3 plants in Hungary.

Due to our complete logistic chain, we are able to provide deliveries tailored to meet customer requirements.Please see below an overview of our packaging varieties.

  • Road tankers/Tank containers ( 20.000 - 25.000 l )
  • Flexi tank ( 20.000 - 25.000 l )
  • Bins ( 1000 l )
  • IBC ( 1000 l )
  • Metal drum (aseptic ann non-aseptic) ( 180 - 250 l )
  • Bag-In-Box aseptic ( 25 l )

Product list

Our concentrates are produced from premium quality raw material using high-end production technology from 100% fruit. We satisfy a broad customer demand spectrum in terms of quality specifications.

We also purchasand process so-called red fruits (strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrant, redcurrant, sour cherries, chokeberries and elderberry) in addition to apple juice.

The scope of products is extended with the apple juice concentrate meeting highest stadards, produced from raw material coming from environment safe technology used Integrated production.

For further information please contact our sales department!

The apple juice aroma is evaporated from the vapour of newly pressed apple juice - which is pressed from fresh, washed, sound and ripe apples.

For further information please contact our sales department!

The wet pomace containing the valuable contents of the apples is dried gently in order to keep the high inner values for the following industrial processing.